For ALL our beautiful children in Australia

It is hard to believe that many of us still consider sunglasses as a fashion accessory, in a similar way to a scarf, a necklace or a pair of earrings.

It is not surprising then that we do not see much need for our children to wear a good quality pair of sunglasses while outdoors.

However, our children spend much more time outdoors than most adults do and the main REAL purpose of wearing sunglasses is to block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Hence, shouldn’t wearing good quality sunglasses be extra important for our children?

In fact, because our children spend significantly more time outdoors than we do, some experts believe that half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation can occur by the age of 18.

Since too much UV exposure to the eye has been linked to the development of cataracts, macular degeneration and many other eye problems, it is never too early to introduce a good quality pair of sunglasses as part of our children’s suncare routine.

Unfortunately, UV rays are not the only potential danger from the sunlight. Recently, researchers have suggested that long-term exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) light rays, also called “blue light” may also cause eye damage over time. More specifically, some experts strongly believe that a high lifetime exposure to HEV light may contribute to the development of macular degeneration later in life.

Children’s eyes are more susceptible to UV and HEV radiation than adult eyes because the lens inside a child’s eye is less capable of filtering these high-energy rays. This is particularly true for very young children so it is very important that children start wearing good protective sunglasses when outdoors as early in life as possible.

Also, please, remember that your child’s exposure to UV rays increases at high altitudes and in highly reflective environments such as snowfields, on the water or sandy beaches. Therefore, a good quality pair of sunglasses is especially important in this type of scenarios.

At Veretti Kids, we believe that eye protection should be part of the suncare routine for all our children in Australia including at schools. Sunglasses protect our children’s eyes against the strong UV radiations from the sun and should be worn all year round.

We are giving free talks to parents in Adelaide (South Australia) to raise awareness about the short and long term effects associated with too much UV exposure to the eye. Please, kindly get in touch if you would like to organize one for your school, sport club or association. You can e-mail us at:

Let’s all enjoy our beautiful Australian sun while keeping our eyes safe and healthy!

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