At                          , we strongly believe that children at schools should be able to access a good pair of sunglasses in the same way they access pencils, rulers or paper. We believe schools should keep good quality sunglasses as an important and accessible resource for children making eye protection against UV available to students all year round. 


Parents and schools must join efforts to educate young children in the importance of protecting their eyes  from a very early age – against the damaging effects of UV radiation. 


Adequate sunglasses do protect against UV exposure. 


At                          we manufacture for the most forward-thinking and innovative schools in Australia highly customised sunglasses for their students to wear. 


All our sunglasses are 100% Italian made.  


Our factory follows the most rigorous Quality Controls.  


We pride ourselves in the excellence of our lenses and medical rubber frames


We can incorporate the colour of your school uniform and include your school logo to the sunglasses’ frame. 


Is your school forward-thinking and innovative? Would you like to be one of the first schools in Australia to provide students with adequate eye protection?

Veretti Kids has compiled a comprehensive guide to UV protection, you can get your free copy HERE


Veretti Kids works with schools, sport clubs, community clubs, etc. to create the sunglasses you want for your young children. 


We believe that adequate sunglasses should be part of young childrens sun care routine and worn all year round. 


Our sunglasses can be customised with your school/club uniforms colours and include your logo.


How to order?

  1. Choose your sunglasses based on the model and the age group.

  2. Choose your colour, add your logo and choose your lens (all our lenses protect against UV).

  3. We manufacture your sunglasses in our factory in Italy and deliver them to your door.

All our sunglasses are made exclusively for your sport club, your school or your association as per 

agreed specifications. They are available on a pre-order basis only. We do not hold any stock. 


The estimated lead time for the production and the delivery of your sunglasses is between 45-60 days. We require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time your purchase order is placed. The remaining 50% must be paid prior to the delivery of your sunglasses. 


Your logo can be added to the sunglasses’ frame for a one-off small fee. 


Our sunglasses are for children from 3 years until 10 years old. 


We require a minimum quantity order of 100 units per model.