Veretti Kids was born with a clear objective: to save as many children’s eyes and skins in Australia as we possibly can from all the harmful short and long term damage associated with the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays (UVR).

A picture with a family wearing Veretti Kids sunglasses. Also their dog is wearing the sunnies.

When Maria Riego moved from wet green England to Adelaide, South Australia, she soon realized that the weather in Adelaide was very different from the one she had left behind in England. To begin with, the sun was much stronger and she soon started to create a sun care routine for all her family, including her 5 year old daughter, Mina.

While she found it easy to source things such as a good sunscreen or a good oversized hat, she struggled to find good quality sunglasses for her daughter, Mina. Maria became more and more concerned with the damage that the strong radiations of the sun could make to her daughter’s eyes and those of other children.

She started doing extensive research on the short and long term consequences of too much UV exposure to the eyes and her findings were so conclusive that her only option was to create Veretti Kids to offer other parents the opportunity to protect their children’s eyes with good quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

At Veretti Kids, we believe that all our children have the right to live a long healthy life.

Veretti Kids aim to help all our beautiful children in Australia to enjoy the gorgeous Australian sunshine while protecting their eyes.


Please, come and join us on this journey!!!!!!


Thank you,

Maria Riego

Founder and Managing Director at Veretti Kids Sunglasses

* Video from Pikes Peak Eyecare.